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2. Import your customers

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Leave.Review will automatically send SMS and email review requests to your customers

Why don't customers leave reviews?

They need to be asked. Repeatedly. Leave.Review automates customisable review requests by SMS and Email

Customer management

Detailed Customer Reporting

Drag and drop your customer files to quickly upload
Get instant reporting on bounced emails and who has left a review
Automatically upload your customers from your existing software

Send personalised SMS and Texts

Customise your message

Make each review request personal with your own brand "voice"
Send unlimited review requests - which automatically stop when the customer has visited the review site

Take control of your reviews

Add unlimited review sites

Choose from a list of predefined review sites, or add your own - all within minutes!
Only collect reviews on the review sites that matter to your business!

Sam Saunders

City Tours, Aus

I´m so happy with Leave.Review and the amazing service I´ve gotten everytime I´ve needed it. Easy to use, and my customers love it too. You can always trust it 100%


Amanda Swon

Contours, USA

This software is incredibly user friendly. We have only been in business for a year, and we have used this and only this software for our reputation management


Jimmy Wu

Airways express, HK

It has a neat, clean and tidy appearance. The team take on board suggestions and try their best to help and sort out any problems.

Reviews went up 300%


Jane Olsen

Blossoms Up Flowers, USA

This software is robust, but with an easy user experience. Best of all is the customer support. It is the best of any software I have ever used. They are prompt and attentive.


General Information

Is Leave.Review free to use?

Yes! It costs nothing to get started, and we don't ask for a credit card during signup. We have plans that provide more features which you can learn about Leave.Review Pricing

How does Leave.Review ask for a customer to leave a review?

Leave.Review will send SMS Text messages to your customer's phones or send emails requesting reviews. You're in control of your review page branding, the message content and scheduling.

How can customers find my Leave.Review page?

Leave.Review can text SMS messages to your customer's phones and send them emails to visit your review page. We have integrations with products such as Mailchimp and Zapier to automate customer loading. You can even upload customers, add them manually or via a direct link with your software using the Leave.Review API

Print out a QR poster to display in your store- If you can ask your customers to write a review during checkout, you can dramatically increase your review count.

Finally - Add your Leave.Review page to your website homepage, email signature, order confirmations, dispatch notices, everywhere you can!

How will Leave.Review save me time?

Chasing reviews takes time: Drafting emails, re-sending emails, composing text messages and monitoring results. Building your online reputation is vital in a growing business, so let Leave.Review do the hard work for you

Do I need to upload my customers to Leave.Review?

No. Your free link is your customer's route to your companies essential review sites, your latest promotions and much more. How they arrive at your review page is entirely up to you. You can add the review link to your transactional emails, website menu and store counter. Uploading customers to Leave.Review allows sophisticated and automated review requesting, saving you valuable time every day.

What happens to my reviews if I stop using Leave.Review?

The reviews are yours forever on review sites such as TripAdvisor or Google review. If you stop using Leave.Review the positive reviews will still be there.

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