Get more reviews with Zapier

Combining Zapier and Leave.Review

Zapier gives you the power to load customers into Leave.Review and fully automate your workflow from your favourite apps. With Zapier, you can connect your software systems to Leave.Review without the use of code.

Focus on your most important priorities while Leave.Review and Zapier takes care of review management, boosting sales and building trust for new customers

Sample Zaps to get you started collecting customer reviews

Zapier Key Features + Benefits


Automatically send review requests to your customers using data from your accounting, e-commerce and email marketing software.

Set once then forget

Set and forget. Once configured, everything is automated saving you time every day.

1000's of applications

Works's seamless with 1000's of application including Quickbooks, Shopify and Xero

Important: To use Zapier, you will need to sign up for a Zapier trial or subscription

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