Sending review requests has never been easier

Leave.Review will automatically request reviews from your customers.  
Saving you time every day

How does it work?

If you can get your customers detail in to a spreadsheet you 50% on your way to boosting your reviews. Just drag and drop your spreadsheet in to Leave.Review and leave it do the rest.

When Leave.Review sends review requests, your review chasing is done for you - leaving you to focus on other tasks.

Save even more time

Using our easy to set up plugins, you can save time by automatically load customers in to Leave.Review from your existing software.

For example, if you use Mailchimp, we will send the customer data to Leave.Review straight after you add a new customer. Or, if you can use Zapier you can integrate with 1000's of different software packages.

Explore our integrations below


Create customers straight from your Mailchimp audience lists



Import your data from your own customer database

Print a QR poster

Get reviews right at your store with a printable poster and QR code



Automate customer uploads to Leave.Review with Zapier


API: Write your own integration

The Leave.Review Application Program Interface (API) allows your technical team to seamlessly integrate your existing software with Leave.Review

For example, you could create a customer in your app and instantly load into Leave.Review. Benefit from Leave.Review's automated review collection, SMS messaging and personalisation.

Learn more about the Leave.Review API

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