Leave.Review Posters and QR code

Get reviews at your point of sale

A customer has just received great service and is telling you how happy they are. Now is the best time to ask them for a review.

Instead of the customer doing this:

  1. Open Phone
  2. Go to Web Browser
  3. Type in business name and review site
  4. Find Review site
  5. Check it is for your company
  6. Click link
  7. Find Review Us link on review site
  8. Click review us link
  9. Write a review

They do this:

  1. Open Phone
  2. Open Camera
  3. Point camera at picture
  4. Click open webpage
  5. Click review us link
  6. Write a review

Make it easy to write a review

The QR code is a far easier and quicker method for your customers to leave reviews and your posters are ready to print today. Also, with Leave.Review you can control which websites they visit and send more traffic to the best ones,

Choose from 2 ready-to-print posters branded for your business

Simple design

Simple black and white designed, with clear instructions

Colourful design

More colorful eye catching design with bigger impact

Available in your account, today

Print a poster

Download and print posters branded and customised for your business

Download your QR Code

Download your own QR code and create business cards, your own poster or add to your printed advertising

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