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Application Program Interface (API)

What is the Leave.Review API?

An API is essentially a messenger that takes requests, translates, and returns responses. When you sit down to order at a restaurant, the waiter takes your order, sends it to the kitchen, and then returns with your food. In this scenario, the waiter acts as the API..

With the Leave.Review API, when a new customer is added to your mailing list, online shop or database you use an API as a waiter to deliver that customer to Leave.Review

Automating customer uploads to Leave.Review is the key to saving time and maximising the review collection with Leave.Review

The Leave.Review API allows you to create customers in Leave.Review instantly from your own software. This is all achieved with a single Curl Command - Your technical person should know what this is. If they dont, just pass them our contact details

In the Integrations Page of Leave.Review you will find your unique API key and ready to use code.

No more spreadsheet uploads or copying and pasting. Leave the automated software to do the boring tasks so you can concentrate on more important things. You'll be boosting reviews in your sleep.


Does the Leave.Review API require technical expertise?

In short. Yes.

The main goal of the API is to allow programmers to contact their software with Leave.Review, so technical expertise is a must.


API Features + Benefits


Automatically send review requests to your customers using data from any software


The API key can be used within any application - desktop or webbased


With just a single line of API code, this integration could not be easier

Note: This is a technical implementation and will require coding experience

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