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Not all review sites are equal

Getting a 5-star review is amazing. Receiving it on a review site that is essential for growing your business is better.

Leave.Review allows you to direct customers to the exact review sites that will maximise customer conversion.

Customise and automate review requesting

Send email and SMS review requests at a specific time or day with a message that reflects your brand style. Everything is very easy to change and personalize

A review page, customized for your brand

Every business get's it's own custom branded review page, providing a seamless connection to your existing marketing materials.

Get your free Leave.Review link today. Your free review ink is easy to remember and unique to your business.

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Upload your customers

Leave Review will send review requests to your customers.

Save time by automatically loading customers using your existing software such as mailchimp, spreadsheets or zapier.

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Easier for your customers

Every company on Leave.Review gets a free, easy to remember link for your customers to leave a review

Get more sales

After leaving a review you have your customers attention - why not promote your latest offer to drive more sales?

Get instant alerts from customers

Receive an SMS and Email when customers contact you via - ensuring you provide the best customer service

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