Car Dealerships

Get more car sales and attract more customers

Get instant reviews at your dealership

Make it easier to get a review with new customers.

Sieze the moment at the point of sale and ask them to leave a review using your QR Code Posters - learn more


88% of car buyers use the Internet to shop for an automobile

How important are Google Reviews for Car Dealerships?

After restaurants and hotels, car dealerships are the most search for business type on Google My Business. Leave.Review will automatically find your Google My Business Review page.

Integrate with your favourite software

Using Zapier you can create customers from your favourite apps such as:

  • API
  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp

Twice the number of reviews

Car Dealerships have twice the average number of reviews compared to other businesses

Take advantage of these features

Branded review page

Every business get's it's own custom branded review page.

Integrate with your software

Easily automate customer review collection. 

Claim your Review link

Easy to remember and specific to your business

Control your review sites

Select the review sites that are important for your business.

Sell more to customers

Leave.Review provides an upsell opportunity to maximise profits.

Instant phone alerts

Be attentive and deliver the best customer service.

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