Getting started with Leave.Review


You’ve taken the first step towards asking for customer reviews without the hassle.

Our users see a growth in their sales, improved customer conversions and a boost in their Google Search ranking. Review sites are the go-to place for the majority of customers buying decisions, so developing your online reputation is more important than ever.

Follow these three steps to kick start your online reputation management now:

Step 1: Start sharing your link

That’s right. You’re ready to start sharing your review link today! Every time you share your review page, you’ll create the opportunity to get more 5 star reviews. More reviews equate to building trust for prospecting customers and driving customers to buy from you again.

On the integrations page, you will find guides for the most popular website systems such as Wix and Wordpress. You can also automate uploading customers into Leave.Review with Mailchimp and Zapier.

Do you send emails such as order confirmations, marketing or newsletters? Drop your link in there, and you’ll be boosting reviews in your sleep! It helps to include an introduction, so they know that using your link will save them time, too. Something like:

Here’s our leave a review link. It’s the fastest and easiest way to let us know what you think. Please check it out now - it will take just 2 minutes.


Got 2 minutes? Please leave us a review here:

Step 2 - Optimize your review page

Your business has it's own dedicated review link, so you now have the one-stop solution for getting reviews. We offer a variety of ways to make your review link more powerful.

Here are some popular enhancement settings:

* Update your promotional message. After leaving a review, you can encourage your customers to buy more from you again. The promotional message is customizable and drives more customers to your website.
* Decide which reviews sites will benefit your business the most, sending more traffic to the most influential
* Customize the review request messages on SMS and Email so that it speaks with your brand voice and style

Having the optimal settings for your business will improve efficiency in review collection to grow your business.

Visit your page settings to get the most out of Leave.Review today. 

Step 3 - Get Leave.Review for free!

Invite other companies to join Leave.Review, and for each one who signs up we’ll give you both 1 free month of the Pro Plan.

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